Olemme kahden konossöörin kollektiivi, joka sai alkunsa Valtterin ja Nicon tavatessa Pori Jazzeilla vuonna 2015. Siitä alkoi ystävyys, joka vuoden 2017 keväällä johti Sås Cateringin perustamiseen. Ajatus yhteisestä catering-yrityksestä kristalisoitui monien tapahtumien ja festareiden aikana.
Vaikutteita toimintaamme on haettu Piazza Duomosta, Ravintola Grönistä, Juuresta ja Baskerista ja Bassosta. Kokemusta on karttunut ruoanvalmistuksesta, asiakaspalvelusta, ruokastailauksesta, monenmoisista tapahtumista ja festivaale


Nature, Finnish vegetables and wild plants inspire me. Roaming in nature and feeling connected to it are extremely important to me. In the kitchen I’m most curious about the individual beauty of ingredients and using them as unprocessed as possible. 
I’ve been building my knowledge in Piazza Duomo, Restaurant Grön and Juuri. Out of the experiences in these restaurants and my own interest towards the environment has developed in to the core of Sås Catering: wild plants, fine-casual food and nordic flavours.
In Sås Catering I work as the Chief Executive Officer and take care of management, sales, customer relations and the visual looks. 


I got my spark towards the restaurant industry in a project called Hella Food. I managed to avoid the basic degree of a cook and found my way directly into the street food kitchens and events. There the idea of an own company became clear. I’ve been building my experience in Baskeri & Basso and Restaurant Grön. On top of this I’m spending time studying Leadership of Food Production.

In Sås Catering I want to bring elements from the forest to the plates in visually beautiful ways through nordic flavours. That is the reason why I spend a lot of time in the forest foraging for wild plants.

In Sås Catering I work as the chairman of the board and take care of designing and executing the food products and events.